CHECKLIST  Cyber security.

With the rise in smartphones and technology there will be heightened risk for those using mobile devices, tablets and third-party applications.

Malware can penetrate these devices just as easily as PCs.

Beware of cyber security threats

Mobile and Tablet Risk – Those who are watching games via their smartphones or tablets should be aware of third-party applications that are not authorised. Your devices can be attacked when malicious applications are downloaded.

Drive-by-Downloads – Malicious software can automatically begin downloading to one of your devices during a visit to an infected website, email or pop-up ad. Cybercriminals can easily link this software to seemingly authentic websites.

Information Phishing – Disguised links from Facebook and Twitter are abundant, leading you to malware infected sites. Twitter links, for instance, are always shortened (e.g.…) and users cannot tell where these links will lead – unless clicked upon, which in turn could instantly infect users’ devices.

Search Engine Poisoning – When conducting online searches for information or images cybercriminals can redirect you to malicious websites. Rather than seeing an image of your choice the photo can actually infect your device if the page containing the image is laced with malware.

Ticketing Scams – You should be wary when researching festival tickets, and of emails offering ticket deals from third-party sources. These can lead to fraudulent transactions and stolen credit card information. See our CHECKLIST Ticket Security



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