98% of burglaries are not listed on police websites. This results in a missed opportunity to involve the public in the  thousands of crimes that go unsolved every day.

“By not listing 98% of Burglaries and using every possible way to inform the public of each crime they are ignoring their greatest asset, the public. Communities are eager to help but they can’t help if they don’t have the information. The public want to end the harmful effects on society of so called petty crime. The idea that if you put something down, turn round and it’s gone has got to stop. With over 98% of burglaries not publicized by Police in the UK how do the public know what to look out for and turn detective.” say founder of IAMSTOLEN.COM John Carter.

For Police authorities in the UK the number of burglaries placed on their own websites is a fraction of the crimes contained in the Police crime statistics. UK Crime Stats reports an average of 35000 burglaries per month but for the three months of November, December and January less that two thousand in total have been reported on Police Websites.

Even when crimes are posted on the police websites there is often little information to go on, with the phrase “a laptop” or “a mobile phone” or even “a musical instrument” being used instead of make, model, size and colour. Information that every owner knows or can find out and may be the small clue that could solve the crime.

The details of the stolen items are clues and are vital to the detection of the crime but are so often over looked when police log thefts on their own often cumbersome websites.

We are concerned that the general public would believe that when they report the theft of their camera, computer, bike or furniture that the details are passed around the community as fast as possible, which must be the internet. This is not happening for the majority of thefts.

“We review theses website over the whole country and for November, December and January when the average burglary rate for the UK was 1100 per day  the total reported burglaries on police websites amounted to less than two thousand  for 3 months with only 487 containing enough detail of the stolen items to be reproduced on our website.”

There is a black hole where important information is stored that would enable the public to turn detective and aid the police in tracking down some of the 3.3 million items that are stolen every year.

The public want to help but the Police websites are not being used as an effective means of communication with the public. When we have tried to get further information we are told Data Protection stops the release of more detail.

Help us to help the community, spead the word about IAMSTOLEN.COM and we will do our best to publicize every burglary that happens in the UK.

Have a look at IAMSTOLEN’S Scams, News Blogs and Crime Prevention pages.


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