CHECKLIST Outside Security.

The back garden is the most vulnerable part of a house and requires careful attention to security. Just fitting security lights wont do as a high percentage of burglaries are committed in daylight hours often just after the resident has left for work. Once inside the back garden the burglar has cover, so make it as difficult as you can.

  1. A tall strong fence topped with a weak trellis entwined with a thorny climber like pyracantha will make climbing over difficult without attracting attention with the noise of the trellis breaking.
  2. Garden gates with no footholds, padlocked at the top and bolted at the bottom.
  3. Motion detection security lighting which also sounds inside the house.
  4. Ladders secured with a heavy chain and closed shackle padlock.
  5. Garden shed provide an ‘arsenal of house breaking implements,’ with the humble garden spade the perfect house door forcing tool. Fit a heavy duty hasp and closed-shackle padlock and widow locks. Independent burglar alarms can easily be fitted to sheds. Make it difficult to use those tools by securing them to the ground or bench or chaining them together. Valuable tools can been engraved with post code and house number.
  6. Garages have the same problems but often contain more valuable equipment such as power tools and gym equipment. Closed shackle padlocks can be used for the handle or mortice locks into the side frame.
  7.  Front gardens have the advantage of visibility so keeping hedges and fences under 1metre tall and keeping areas clear of hiding places will aide security.
  8. Laying gravel paths to announce the approach of visitors will also deter opportunistic thieves.

    Hasp and closed shackle padlock.
    Hasp and closed shackle padlock.


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