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IAMSTOLEN.COM was started by former press photographer John Carter, to allow the public to Have Your Say, “In my time I have arrived at the scene of tragic and dramatic events where men and women have endured great trauma. Yet I believe that the less dramatic and even common place incidents of so called ‘petty theft’ can have long and enduring effects of trauma in the same way as many headline grabbing events so I stated this site and hope the Have Your Say area helps.”

Talking to people in the street it is rare to find anybody who has not been affected by theft in some way. According to the British Crime Survey there are over 8000 thefts of property every day in the UK, which is a lot of friends and family equally affected.iamstolen logo

Hopes for the future. has set out to try and help reduce the number of thefts by listing stolen property,  giving information about scams and crime prevention plus links to Police forces throughout the UK. gives space to the victims of theft by providing a ‘ Have  Your Say ‘ area. Victims who want to tell of their feelings about their loss. We hope in this way to deter crime by encouraging visitors to the site to help in the  recover of stolen property.

It is a huge ambition but perhaps one day the thief will know that there will be no point in stealing anything because somewhere in the chain between theft, possession or disposal they will be found . The public will be armed with the information that this or that item has been stolen and the public will want to get involved in returning the property to it’s rightful owner.

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Direct contact can be made by e-mail and ‘ Have Your say ‘ 

HOPE YOU ENJOY “Lets Work Together”