To assist you in avoiding crime we at have reproduced expert advice from  many different agencies. We have looked a crime prevention advice from all over the country and have reproduced the best information available. Below are a selection of topics covered by professionals in their field which include the  Metropolitan Police and ActionFraud .  Further information can be found on how to avoid the scammer and burglars on our Scams and News/Blog pages. If you have some advice you would like to pass on to the visitors to please click.

ATMs                           Gangs use “cash claw” to trap cash.

Bike Security             CHECKLIST  Bike Security. CLICK

Burglary                     CHECKLIST  Home Security. CLICK

Cybersecurity           CHECKLIST Cyber Security. CLICK

Garden Security       CHECKLIST Outdoor Security. CLICK

Identity Fraud           CHECKLIST Identity Fraud. CLICK

Mobile Phone            CHECKLIST Mobile Phone Security. CLICK

Loan Fraud                CHECKLIST taking out a loan. CLICK

Phishing Emails        How to obtain their ‘Headers’ to make a complaint.

Doorstep Con-men   Tips on how to avoid crooks on the doorstep.

Scams                        Top Ten Scams.