Circular plunge saw made by Festool. Black, grey with green trigger. Has ASH written on the top of the body. Broken depth stop.
some Red paint splashes.240 Volt Comes in a light grey case also With ASH written on and SAW on the side of the box. 3 spare blades in box possibly engraved with AMF

Also taken at the same time

My Black Peli 1560 flight case containing:
Japanese block plane
Japanese Saw
Jap chisel
Leatherman knife
Stanly tape measure
Nu-line tape measure
Stanly fat max knife

Makita Lithium Ion set

A Makita impact driver, white and black. Looking a bit rough with some of the rubber trim broken or missing. Rare because it was imported from the USA. has glod spray paint mrk on bottom, where the battery slides in. Battery says ASH on the wite button at the front. batteries are 18v 3.0 AH

Festool CTL dust extractor, old model. Has a bit white paint spill on the top of unit. Hose has been fixed many times with various coloured tape. Has ASH written on it. The manual switch does not work,

Stolen from:

E9 5LH

Stolen on:


Police Force:


Crime Ref:

CAD 7543 03 march 13

Value of Stolen Property:

Reward offered:

How I Feel…

Stolen from my van in Hackney Wick, London

Police Statement


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