This is a pocket watch about 100 years old which was taken from my father’s home during a burglary on 9th March 2017.
On the face it has the name of the jeweller’s who originally sold it:
J. Bulman. There can be very few such watches. It was my grandfather’s and is very important to my father. We would be grateful for its return.

Stolen from:

Ealing, London

Stolen on:

9th March 2017

Police Force:


Mark Hughes, Ealing police station

Crime Ref:


Value of Stolen Property:

Reward offered:

How I Feel…

This watch was stolen from my 84 year old father's home, and it was important to him as it belonged to his father. It is unique as his name is written on the face of the watch, J. Bulman, as that is the name of the jeweller who commissioned its manufacture over 100 years ago. He was my grandfather's cousin. They all have the same initial and surname.

Police Statement


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